Answers to Your Questions – APTech’s Solids Educational Video Series

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APTech Group Introduces “Solids Educational Series”

In response to requests from our partners, we produced a series of short, educational videos describing our solid-concentrates, equipment and partner tools.  Episode 1 & 2 are available now. We hope you find value in the series and gladly invite feedback and/or suggestions for future episodes.

Episode 1: Same Chemistry, Different Form

Episode 2: Equipment

Episode 3: Form -bottles, discs, sticks, tabs, BXD

Episode 4: Tips from the Field

Episode 5: Product Selection

Episode 6: APTech Tools -app, website, marketing tools

Episode 7: Solid Sustainability – Why it Matters

Episode 8: Product Estimation Calculator

Megan Marquardt, Marketing & Communications Specialist


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