Industrial and Manufacturing Companies Make the Switch to Solids

Industrial and manufacturing companies around the globe are making the switch to solids. These companies recognize the financial opportunities and the environmental opportunities that solids present.  Many industrial segments have been transforming their approach to water treatment by implementing solids. These include:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Food Processing
  • Cold Storage
  • Boxboard
  • Beverage

Case Study – Aerospace company saves money while improving safety and sustainability

Water Treatment Challenge:

One aerospace company with a manufacturing facility in the Midwest decided to make the switch to solids to help save money and to improve safety and sustainability. They had been utilizing liquid chemistry water treatment for four cooling towers in support of its manufacturing processes and facility.

AP Tech’s solid chemistry water treatment program helped the aerospace manufacturer achieve their business goals:

  • Maintain the same or better level of cooling tower system cleanliness
  • Eliminate chemical drum handling and disposal
  • Reduce inventory and related storage issues
  • Reduce costs and environmental concerns of, and need for containment areas
Solving the Water Treatment Challenge with Solids:

The installation of AP Tech’s solid chemistry water treatment program included a scale and corrosion inhibitor, a dispersant and a registered biocide. Results included:

  • Eliminated all liquid chemicals previously used to treat the cooling towers, while still providing effective water treatment.
  • The work area around the cooling towers is significantly neater. The installation reduced the space which had been required for drum storage by at least 75%.
  • The heaviest container of solids an operator has to handle is a 44-pound case of solids in recyclable plastic bottles. Previously, the operator handled 55-gallon drums of hazardous liquid chemicals, weighing 500 pounds.
  • The solids water treatment program is cost competitive with the previous liquid program. When hidden costs — such as costs for shipping drums, drum washing and disposal, storage space usage, and personnel handling — are factored in, the company reports the facility is saving approximately 15% with solids versus liquids.
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