Reduces Economic Concerns

Blended solid concentrate water treatment products from APTech group may help reduce the cost of your water treatment program.

Economic benefits of using APTech Group Products include:

  • Reduced freight costs
  • Elimination of drum disposal costs
  • Worker safety benefits
  • Savings by eliminating Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)

Additionally, a well-run blended solid concentrate water treatment program will:

  • Minimize corrosion, scale, and biological fouling and extend equipment life
  • Save water, sewer, and water treatment product costs by reusing the system water the maximum number of times

Boiler & Chiller Examples

  • Boiler Example
    A 200-horsepower boiler, operating at 100 psig, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with clean boiler tubes, burning natural gas costing $7.00/1,000 cubic feet, will have an annual fuel budget of $581,744 for operation. An eggshell deposit (generally defined as 1/32-inch) on the boiler tubes, will cost an additional $23,271 to $69,813 per year to operate, depending on the impurities in the deposit.
  • Chiller Example
    A 500-Ton chiller, operating 12 hours a day, 240 days a year, with clean condenser tubes, with an electric cost of $0.08/kilowatt hour, will have an annual energy budget of $86,400. A 1/64-inch deposit on the condenser tubes, will cost an additional $12,960 to $21,600 per year to operate. Microbiological films can easily double the cost of these figures.

Please note that the cost of demand charges are not included in these estimates. Such costs vary greatly by customer, and actual costs must be included in the calculations to fully quantify the wasted energy dollars.

APTech Group offers products through a worldwide network of professional water treatment partners. To find a partner in your geographic area, please click here.