Case Study: Cooling Tower Cleaning Job Leads to Blended Solid Concentrate Installation at Printing Facility


A 400,000 square foot printing facility in Ontario Canada with two cooling towers (approximately 1,200 tons) was operating using liquid water treatment products. The program was not being serviced well by the water treatment provider: the liquid chemical drums were often left empty, the area where the drums were kept was messy, and scale deposits had formed in the cooling towers.  printing


The service team from one of APTech Group’s national partners initially contacted the printing facility to survey the cooling towers for cleaning. They performed the work over a holiday weekend to avoid unnecessary shutdown of the facility. A sales representative in the area assisted the crew with the tower cleaning to ensure the work was completed within a single day. The customer was very happy with the cooling tower cleaning and our national partner’s rep took the opportunity to suggest a blended solid concentrate water treatment program to replace the current liquid program.


The customer was interested in the blended solid concentrate system and agreed to have the installation performed. He was pleased with the change from a liquid to a solid program and especially appreciated the system’s simplicity of use.

  • Reduced splash and spill concerns
  • Eliminated drum handling, storage, and disposal
  • Provided a much cleaner and neater chemical storage area

The blended solid concentrate system from APTech Group provided an effective water treatment program that has kept the freshly cleaned cooling tower running efficiently.

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