Case Study: Process Cooling Tower Application


Barnes Aerospace, headquartered in Windsor Connecticut, has a manufacturing facility located in Southern Ohio which uses four cooling towers (total capacity – approximately 400 tons) in support of their manufacturing and production processes.

This Barnes Aerospace location had been utilizing liquid chemical treatment for their cooling towers, but they were interested in making a change to a more sustainable, environmentally friendly solution, as this is a direction their headquarters had been espousing.


productThe APTech Group solid chemical program was focused on meeting the following business goals:

  • Maintain the same or better level of system cleanliness
  • Eliminate chemical drum handling/disposal
  • Reduce inventory and related storage issues
  • Reduce costs and environmental concerns of, and need for containment areas

The installation of the new APTech Group solids system was completed in early July, 2010 along with a closed loop cleanup. A Tower Descaling was performed in late August on one of the cooling towers.

The following products are being used as part of the APTech Group solids program at Barnes Aerospace:

  • C20V-C – for scale reduction; contains Versaflex One, PBTC & HEDP phosphonate, HPA & POCA corrosion inhibitors, terpolymer, azoles; good for high hardness, temps and stressed systems
  • CPEN-C –  dispersant and penetrant; DTEA II (Non-EPA Registered)
  • Biobrom C-100 – DBNPA – EPA registered Biocide
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