It’s Like Growing Money On Trees


It’s like growing money on trees – very green trees!

Climate Change is all around us. Some people say hogwash to the science and some people will climb a tree that is going to be cut down so it can continue to wash the air of C02. Wherever you fall, the fact of the matter is climate change is a huge business opportunity. Trillions – yes, with a “T”- of dollars are at stake for businesses due to climate change. The CDP states that investment groups have 100 trillion dollars of investment funds but are expecting and demanding a viable path towards lower carbon footprint before they invest. This attraction of investment money is also joined by lower borrowing costs and improved company valuations for businesses that have a robust Climate Change plan. More than 5,600 companies disclosed environmental data through CDP in 2015. This equates to almost 60% of the market capitalization of the world’s largest stock exchanges.

Universities and colleges have been very transparent and competitive about their steps to reduce carbon footprint. Most have a carbon neutrality date which is part of their master sustainability plan. Organizations like ACUPCC (American College and Universities Presidents Climate Commitment) and STARS (Sustainability Tracking Assessment & Rating system) are the driving force for disclosure of GHG (greenhouse gases) emissions at these institutions. 665 higher education presidents have signed the ACUPCC carbon neutrality commitment and 762 institutions have registered with STARS to reduce GHG emissions.

These companies and universities are looking for suppliers, products and anyone who will help them with these aggressive goals. Most have been through their major projects like lighting changes, low flow water faucets, recycling, bottle refilling stations, etc. The next steps they need are enormous business opportunities.

This is why APTech is growing at 30%. We have a sustainable product that will help these facilities get to their critical sustainability goals. Quick Refresher:   Same Chemistry Different Form.   44lbs of APTech blended solid concentrate vs 550lbs of traditional hazardous liquid gives savings of 2.5 gallons of fossil fuel per shipment. The packaging and container are completely recyclable unlike a 5 gallon pail, 30 gallon drum or 55 gallon drum. NaOH (energy intensive to manufacture) is not needed for pH adjustment, and a there is huge reduction in plastic for packaging.

Let’s not forget the most important benefit …safety! Reduce risk and liability. Removing Hazardous material is important to all business leaders.

This is why APTech Solid water treatment meets the Triple Bottom-line these commercial and institutional facilities are desperately seeking. Protect your people, protect your planet and protect your profit with APTech blended solid concentrated water treatment products for cooling towers, boilers, and closed loop systems.

The Green Tree is the money tree.

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