Safe and Sustainable Water Treatment for Commercial Buildings

Like many facilities where numerous people congregate, commercial buildings such as office buildings, hotels and restaurants have a growing need to protect their heating and cooling systems with safer and more sustainable solutions. Many of these facilities have mechanical rooms close to building populations – in the basement level next to or immediately below building office space or in a roof top mechanical room, right above executive offices.

Other commercial facilities such shopping centers and tourist attractions have campus-like environments with multiple small mechanical rooms and heating and cooling equipment in numerous locations. Transporting pails or barrels of hazardous liquid chemicals through and to these spaces and utilizing them so close to building tenants and members of the public can be a dangerous activity.

Additionally, a recent report published by the World Green Building Council (a network of national green building councils in more than one hundred countries), determined that there are actually health benefits associated with working in sustainable buildings. Specifically, the study found that workers in green offices experience less stress, better health and are more productive.

Benefits Commercial Facility Customers Appreciate

Blended solid concentrate water treatment products from APTech Group are developed and produced using the EPAs Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry, emphasizing safety, efficiency and conservation of resources.

These proven blended solid concentrate water treatment products implemented and maintained by professional water treatment firms provide environmental and safety advantages important to commercial building management teams:

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduced diesel fuel use: A 55 gallon drum, weighing 500 pounds, will consume 2.5 more gallons of diesel fuel per typical shipment than a 44 pound carton of blended solid concentrate product with the same amount of active ingredients
  • Plastic savings from reduced product container size
  • Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) savings from reduced power to produce NaOH
  • Blended solid concentrate products are completely used and all packaging is fully recyclable

Additional, more hidden factors have environmental benefits as well:

  • Water savings associated with rinsing drums
  • Water savings associated with increased cycles of concentration
  • Space savings in mechanical room
  • Eye wash station installation and maintenance
  • Health issues from chemical exposure and drum handling injuries

Safety Benefits

  • Reduces the risk of discharging hazardous chemicals into the environment during shipment, storage or application
  • Improving operator safety by reducing exposure to hazardous chemicals
  • No more dangerous and offensive odors or fumes
  • Smaller profile blended solid concentrate water treatment products are safe and simple to apply, meaning safer, cleaner mechanical rooms

APTech Group can recommend a local water treatment partner who is well versed in this effective, safe and sustainable blended solid concentrate technology and application. Just click on the Find a Distributor link above to get started.