Sustainable Water Treatment for Government Facilities

APTech Group blended solid concentrate products administered by water treatment professionals are the right choice for government facilities under pressure to operate efficiently and cost effectively now more than ever.

Blended solid concentrate products from APTech Group keep government facilities boilers, cooling towers, chillers and closed loop systems running at optimum efficiency and in prime condition, while minimizing too hot/too cool complaints, reducing water consumption, saving on energy costs, and reducing maintenance time.

APTech Group blended solid concentrate products provide environmental and risk management advantages important to government facilities:

Environmental Benefits:

  • Reduced diesel fuel use: A 55 gallon drum, weighing 500 pounds, will consume 2.5 more gallons of diesel fuel per typical shipment than a 44 pound carton of blended solid concentrate product with the same amount of active ingredients
  • Plastic savings from reduced product container size
  • Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) savings from reduced power to produce NaOH
  • Blended solid concentrate products are completely product used and all packaging is fully recyclable

Additional, more hidden factors have environmental benefits as well:

  • Water savings associated with rinsing drums
  • Water savings associated with increased cycles of concentration
  • Space savings in mechanical room
  • Eye wash station installation and maintenance
  • Health issues from chemical exposure and drum handling injuries

Risk Management Benefits

  • Reduces handling and shipping issues, and related liabilities:
    • No more hazardous liquids to ship, leak, or spill
    • Eliminates risk of injury from moving heavy drums
    • Blended solid concentrate products containers are fully recyclable – no drum disposal issues
    • No on-site storage or containment issues
  • Reduced potential for harmful microbiological deposits, fouling, and growths such as Legionella pneumophila, more commonly referred to as Legionnaire Disease.

APTech Group can recommend a local water treatment partner who is well versed in this effective, safe and sustainable blended solid concentrate technology and application. Just click on the “Find a Distributor” link above to get started.

Benefits Government Customers Appreciate

Since 2002, hundreds of federal, state and local government facilities have adopted APTech Group blended solid concentrate water treatment products. These products offer benefits that support government customers’ increasing focus on the Triple Bottom Line of People, Planet and Profit. All APTech Group blended solid concentrate products are developed and produced using the EPA’s Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry, emphasizing safety, efficiency and conservation of resources.

Government customers and contractors also appreciate the professional service provided by our select corps of GSA contract water treatment partners. These firms are familiar with serving government customers and secure facilities. Our distribution network water treatment partners can deliver the environmental and risk reduction benefits of solid water treatment virtually anywhere.

Partnering With Facilities Management Contractors

In many cases, APTech Group water treatment partners serve as subcontractors to facilities management contractors holding GSA 03FAC contracts. Our distribution network spans the full range of socioeconomic categories, from multi-national corporations to certified small and disadvantaged businesses.

All of our government and GSA contract water treatment partners, regardless of size or ownership, are water treatment professionals who will provide the technical expertise, sustainability orientation and customer focus to help facilities management contractors to retain contracts and win new business.