New Year’s Resolutions

A recent survey by Yahoo! News revealed that the most popular New Year’s resolution for 2015 is to lose weight. So, let’s make that the same resolution for your cooling tower and boiler water treatment programs … LOSE WEIGHT!!

How can this be done?? It is simple … switch to blended solid concentrate water treatment products from APTech Group. These solid products have had the excess water removed and the equivalent treatment that comes from a 500 pound, 55 gallon drum is contained in four one gallon bottles weighing approximately 50 pounds. If only it was that simple to lose those extra pounds around the waistline.

The actual treatment of the water using the solid products is achieved through the same chemistry that is common to the cooling and boiler water treatment industry. Basically the way the water is treated has remained the same … there is now just no reason to carry around the extra pounds.

There are many benefits to losing this weight. Use of the APTech Group’s blended solid concentrates provide a much cleaner and neater space. There are fewer hassles handling the water treatment products. This includes reducing the risk of injuries. And lastly, it is cheaper to ship and deliver the solid water treatment products due to handling less total poundage. Coincidentally the third item on the Yahoo! News survey of New Year’s resolutions is to save money.

Let us know it you’d like to make one of your New Year’s resolutions losing weight … er … switching to blended solid concentrates cooling tower and boiler treatment products from APTech Group.