Boost It and Go

Introducing the little stick with big impact

Boost your water treatment program with AP Tech solid chemistry sticks—safely and rapidly correcting your system’s levels. Simply drop in a stick and be on your way.

Solid chemistry sticks provide a safe and convenient method for rapidly achieving correct start-up or maintenance dosing levels. Sticks are designed to dissolve in water quickly, so it is possible to introduce products rapidly to your water treatment system.

Sticks are used for initial water treatment system dosing prior to start-up, after any event that results in water treatment chemicals not being administered to the system, or after a large amount of make-up water is added to the system.

Sticks are an easy way to boost treatment levels for start-ups, lay-up or catch-ups, and general maintenance:

  • Start-up or shutdowns
  • Loss of pump prime
  • Dealing with biofouling
  • Cleanings, Passivation, & Re-Charge (CPR)
  • Closed loop corrosion inhibitor level boost – available in nitrite, silicate and molybdate
  • Treat systems that are too small to require feed and control equipment as part of their standard set-up and operation.

Sticks are available in over twenty product formulations for cooling towers, boilers, and closed-loop systems. Click on Cooling Tower Selection Chart, Closed Loop Selection Chart or Boiler Selection Chart to see the available stick products. Click on Product Bulletins for dosing specifications.

Sticks eliminate the challenges of handling and storing hazardous liquid chemicals. Simply drop a solid chemistry stick in your system and go. They are packaged in PVA materials which dissolve in water during use, so you won’t have pails or drums to dispose of. Sticks are 5” long, 2” wide, and weigh generally 0.8 pounds each.

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