Sustainability and Safety – Are They Connected?


When you think about sustainability, what do you think of? Solar panels? Recycling? LED lighting? What about safety? Should that be part of sustainability directors’ concerns? If you look at the triple pundit of sustainability – people, planet, profit – the answer is obvious, YES!

When thinking about safety and sustainability separately, they essentially mean the same thing – preserving resources. With safety, resources are people. With sustainability, those resources are usually considered environmental. Now back to the triple pundit of sustainability – since one of the pillars of sustainability is people, preserving the health and safety of people should be a prime goal of any organization working on becoming more sustainable.

As we begin March, which just happens to be Ladder Safety Month, it is important to look at processes throughout your organization to see if there is a safer option or a safer process that will help to preserve the most valuable resource, people. Blended solid concentrates from APTech Group are definitely a safer option for treating cooling towers, boilers and closed loop systems. Eliminating 55-gallon drums also eliminates the risk of injury that comes with handling them. Eliminating hazardous liquid water treatment eliminates spill potential. Visit to see all the advantages of our blended solid concentrates including reducing risk. Happy Ladder Safety Month!

-Written by Kathleen Collier, Senior Account Manager at APTech Group

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