smart_phone_floating_media_icons_1600_clr_9133 (003)Gone are the days of researching school papers by sitting down with an enormous encyclopedia on your lap cutting off your circulation in your legs. Or going to the local library on the rainiest day possible to gather information on a variety of subjects. We are now living in a world where information flies from the cloud to your fingertips at speeds measured in milliseconds. The computer has changed countless aspects of our day to day lives…and now most of us walk around with a “computer” in our pocket.

Today, roughly 64% of adult Americans own a smartphone. This is up from 35% in 2011. Think about those numbers for a moment. There are twice as many of us walking around constantly connected to the world than there were only 4 short years ago. Coupled with the increased number of smartphones out there is an explosion of apps available. The clear top two places to get apps are Google Play and Apple’s App Store, with 1.6 million and 1.5 million available apps, respectively.

Want to know what your friends are up to?…There’s an app for that. Where the constellations are in the middle of a sunny day?… There’s an app for that. What is my dog really saying when she barks?… There’s an app for that. There is an app for almost anything you could imagine, and probably hundreds of thousands of ones that you would have never imagined.

Want to know more about water treatment using APTech’s blended solid concentrates? Well now there is an app for that too. We have adapted with not only our industry, but with technology as well and have come up with a useful tool for when you are out in the field. It can provide you with important information related to water treatment, sales, equipment, etc. Our app is available on both Google Play and the App Store.

Need to quickly pull up a product bulletin to find out chemical feed rates?… There’s an APTech app for that. What is the LSI of your water?… There’s an APTech app for that. How much can your customer potentially reduce their carbon footprint by switching to solids?… There’s an APTech app for that.

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