Boiler and Cooling Tower Corrosion Issues

Common impurities in water may lead to corrosion in boilers, cooling towers and closed loop systems. Two easily identifiable impurities are Oxygen and Alkalinity.

  • Oxygen: Can be very corrosive when it is heated in water. This type of corrosion is evident as pits on the waterside of pipes or equipment, and can lead to early pipe or equipment failure.
  • Alkalinity: While some alkalinity is beneficial, some can be converted to corrosive gases. These gases can lead to pipe or equipment corrosion failures.

Corrosion in boilers, cooling towers and closed loop systems can lead to premature failure of capital equipment and piping, loss of comfort cooling/heating, and loss of factory production. The reason water is treated for corrosion is to extract all of the beneficial characteristics of water, while neutralizing the negative effects of impurities in the water.