Welcome to our brand new website!

Jim ProfileWelcome to APTech Group’s new website! Our team has worked very hard to provide a resource that can be easily navigated and provide valuable information about our products, markets and people.

In the 13 years that APTech Group has been in existence, we have grown to be a multi-million dollar international company by manufacturing world-class blended solid concentrates for the treatment of water in cooling towers, boilers and closed loop systems. Blended solid concentrates are a safer and more sustainable option to protect and maintain efficiency in this valuable equipment. As we have grown, the importance of providing information and tools to our partners, sustainability professionals and facility management groups in an attractive, informative website became more imperative.

Our new site provides information to facility and sustainability professionals along with our partners on the importance of treating water, how our technology works, and how it helps to decrease CO2 emissions. Additionally, our water treatment partners can obtain technical information about our products including product bulletins and safety data sheets. We also have provided sales tools and presentations that assist in detailing the safety and sustainability aspects of our product.

The new website will be a changing and growing resource. Please take a few minutes to explore and let us know what you think. As this is intended to be a useful tool for you, we welcome your comments and suggestions on how the site looks, works and what information is provided.

Thank you.


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