Work Smarter, Not Harder!

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Where did the summer go? Here it is September already and we are saying goodbye to summer with Labor Day fun and festivities. As I think about the real purpose of the Labor Day holiday and how it came about it reminds me of the old saying “work smarter, not harder.” The workplace has changed significantly since the first Labor Day was celebrated in the late 1800’s. Computers have certainly improved the worker’s environment and output in manufacturing and the office setting. Some of these improvements make jobs less physical and are helping us achieve more in less time, but there still never seems to be enough hours in our day to get everything done whether at work or at home. We may “clock out” from our paying jobs, but once we get home there’s work to do there, too! So, as we enter the last few months of 2017 keep that quote in mind – APTech has several ways to help you work smarter so you’re not working harder than you have to!

Start with your smartphone: If you don’t have the APTech Group app on your smartphone you are missing out on a great opportunity to work smarter. With this App you can obtain safety data sheets, product bulletins, selection guides and calculators. Need mechanical specs? A list of our equipment, product bulletins, dissolver installation instructions, videos? It’s all at your fingertips! How smart and easy is that?!

Need to place an order but not in the greatest location to make a phone call? You have options – you can use the app on your phone to send us an email with your order. You don’t have to deal with frustrating bad connections, hard to understand conversations in noisy environments, or worry about what time of day or night you send the order. A bonus to  emailing an order is that you get a confirmation that your order was received and an estimated ship date. Does that sound like something that would make your work life easier?

Summer’s over. The kids are back to school/college learning the latest technology. So don’t be old school – take advantage of APTech’s quick and easy way to get information and do business. We’re heading into the busiest time of the year for families – the holidays are just around the corner! So start making your work life easier by using the APTech app and website resources so you’re working smarter, not harder!

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